FileSurfer is a web-based file browsing utility made for ColdFusion MX servers. Server administrators, developers or sandboxed users can browse the file system on their ColdFusion MX server just as they can on their own computer with the ease and simplicity of Windows Explorer.

Currently FileSurfer is in the alpha version of development. There is a new release every couple of weeks.

FileSurfer is undergoing a shareware-style program. You can look around your remote server, and you can play with stuff, but you can't really do any work. If you like it and want to support the cause and be able to use all the file/directory interactions, please donate some money using the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. Those who donate now are guaranteed free FileSurfer usage forever with the latest version, and are informed whenever a new version comes out. Think about it, support the cause, donate some dough!

Thanks! Now view the screenshots. The PayPal and download links are at the bottom.

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Donation Link (this goes to my wife's paypal account, alandastrutz at hotmail). The Default donation is just $10!:

Those who donate get the unlimited open-source version! Free downloads get the encrypted source, feature-limited version. Trust me, it's still fun to play with!

Free Download Link: Click Here

Latest version 1.02 released 4/14/2004

FileSurfer Features: Open Source Features (read: programmers will like these things):