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Add Mark Drew to the list of CF podcasters

posted under category: ColdFusion on May 2, 2006 at 1:00 am by Nathan

You may remember Mark Drew as the lead developer from the CFEclipse project. Well, he's probably one of the busiest CF developers out there, as he's just started a video podcast, pefect for your 5g iPod (ok, perfect for mine), or just for you to watch in iTunes. His first episode is his presentation on Model-Glue and Reactor.

Clicking around the CFEclipse site, I also noticed, very under the radar, Rob Rohan has got his own podcast rolling out. Not necessarily so CF related though.

Ok, so we've got Mike Kruger with his occasional CF Muse, Hal and Jeff with Out Loud, Bryan and Michael with the every-other-week Coldfusion Podcast, Matt and Peter with the Coldfusion Weekly, then Mark and Rob with their own podcasts.

Ok, I have too much to listen to, and these are just the CF related ones. This doesn't include any other java and dotnet programming podcasts, lost podcasts, general tech and video game podcasts, and half of these are video feeds. I'm really enjoying this.