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The Yahoo YUI Theater

posted under category: General on September 5, 2007 at 1:00 am by Nathan

Here's something I spotted that should be pretty interesting to all developers who like to learn by way of video. I stumbled upon the YUI Theater.

Now, before you get scared off, if you're not interested in the YUI javascript framework, the YUI Theater isn't about YUI as much as it is about javascript in general.

I'm progressing through Douglas Crockford's segmented presentation "The JavaScript Programming Language". He has an incredible amount of information that comes very quickly. I'm glad they split it up into 4 parts so I can breathe in between.

One that looks great to me is Joe Hewitt presenting on his own project, Firebug. Another is John Resig's javascript framework presentation (John Resig is the creator of jQuery).

There is a serious amount of content on the YUI Theater site, and I recommend that anyone who touches javascript try learning some more via Yahoo.