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Hal and Jeff are back | Matt and Peter are back

posted under category: General on September 11, 2007 at 1:00 am by Nathan

I've been enjoying my commute the last couple weeks, as it seems Hal Helms and Jeff Peters' podcast "Out Loud" is back in business and Matt Woodward and Peter J. Farrell's ColdFusion Weekly podcast is back from summer vacation.

For Out Loud, the August 16th episode talked about jQuery, which I have subsequently taken up and fallen in love with. The August 31st episode talked about layer separation of your view layer and finding/creating/defining beauty in coding, a couple of subjects that have always interested me. Interesting how different layers of a layered architecture can be broken up.

CF Weekly, I confess, I haven't listened yet. I will have to get to it during tomorrow's commute. Looks like a big welcome back and news party from the show notes.

It's a little difficult to sync my iPod without a video card. Not impossible, just very, very difficult. Dual core due Wednesday. :D