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Should You Go 64 Bit?

posted under category: General on November 6, 2009 at 1:00 am by Nathan

In case you have trouble deciding if a 64 bit operating system is right for you, I give you Should I Go 64 Bit? which should finish the argument once and for all.

If you buy the upgrade to Windows 7 (which you should), you will be forced to choose - it comes with 2 DVDs, one for a 32 bit install, and one for 64 bits.

Should I Go 64 Bit? is the quick and dirty answer.

The long answer is more complicated, but I have boiled it down to your computer, if you have 2GB of memory and a 64 bit CPU, take the plunge. The only 2 caveats you may have will be software compatibility (if you have any 16 bit software, it will no longer run in Windows 7 64 bit), and hardware driver compatibility. Chances are, if your hardware is so old as to not work with Windows 7, you need to upgrade anyway, and if your software is so old, you can always virtualize.