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New Adobe user groups in Phoenix

posted under category: AZCFUG on April 1, 2011 at 1:00 am by Nathan

If you know me, you know I've been working on bringing more Adobe user groups to the Phoenix area and the rest of Arizona. Now that April is here, I can announce we are bringing in a bunch of them, all under the name Phoenix Adobe Groups, or PhAGs for short.

The Phoenix ColdFusion User Group (AZCFUG) will now go by the name of The ColdFusion Phoenix Adobe Group, or ColdFusion PhAG for short.

The AZFPUG is now Flash PhAG. If you are into Flash, you can join the rest of the Flash PhAGs once a month.

We will have a Photoshop PhAG group, Illustrator PhAG group, and on and on.

Also for groups outside of The Phoenix area, we want these under the same umbrella, so we are setting up Phoenix Adobe Groups - Group Out of Town, or PhAGGOT for short.

Yes, that means you can be a Premiere PhAGGOT in Tucson and an Acrobat PhAGGOT in Flagstaff! I'm excited to see where this new path will take us! I'll post more about this exciting step soon!

And finally, I feel compelled to say that I'm really, really sorry for this. Readers, please don't be offended by my extremely tasteless joke, we've all been called names, and Adobe, please don't sue me; it's April 1st after all.