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Thunderbird hits 1.0

posted under category: General on December 7, 2004 at 1:00 am by Nathan

I've been running Thunderbird since the 0.6 release, and it's been incredibly stable, an honest step upwards from outlook express and outlook 2000 that I had been using, plus it's free. Earlier today (well, yesterday, it's after midnight now), Mozilla released Thunderbird 1.0.

If you use Outlook Express, the free email program that comes with Windows, you shoud seriously consider upgrading. Thunderbird will migrate your mail and other settings so there is nothing to set up. It's easier to use. Easier to customize. It has built-in spam control -- it learns what spam is to you and can automatically delete it for you. There are already dozens of extensions and themes for Thunderbird, including many good time-savers.

If you use a more complex mail program such as Outlook, but don't find any use in the extra "bloat" features such as the calendar, tasks and sticky-notes, give Thunderbird a test drive for a few days. It's a lot faster and smarter overall. It's also more secure than Outlook.

If you're already using it, upgrade to the 1.0 final version. If you're not, look into it and try it out. "Reclaim Your Inbox!"