My Projects

I've been doing a lot of programming and web site stuff over the past 21 years. Here's a rundown of some of the cooler and newer projects.

The Shapes of LESS CSS

This is a LESS CSS shapes mixin library that gives you a wide variety of shapes made with a single HTML element and some advanced CSS. Because it uses LESS CSS, each shape is customizable in size, color, and sometimes shape. The open source files are hosted on GitHub in a project called the LESS CSS Shapes Library.

LESS Converter

This is a very simple tool to help you test and convert your LESS code. I use it frequently to see if my LESS CSS code will compile and what it looks like when it comes out. The open source files are available at the LESS Converter GitHub project page.

The Final Nail for ColdFusion Client Variables

A detailed look at the problems that exist with ColdFusion's client variables scope. It's a long read, and it's full of great points.


The finest ColdFusion library for paging your application's data and navigating between pages. Open Source.


This is like windows explorer that runs on your web server. Very portable. CFMX 6+, Windows servers. Free trial/exploration version and $10 for the full version.


A very basic email pop tool, keeps no local records. CFMX 6+, no license, free.


A basic query analyzer built in CF. No license, free.

Fusebox 5.5 Cheat Sheet

This is a help doc and cheat sheet for the Fusebox 5.5 XML documents. A must have if you work with Fusebox. Also, there is an older Fusebox 4.1 version.

CFEclipse Resource Page / FAQ

Getting outdated, but everything you need to know about setting up and getting started with CFEclipse.

Coldspring and Reactor Fusebox 5 Lexicons

Implement Reactor or ColdSpring in Fusebox 5 with these lexicon tags. Distributed with Fusebox 5.1+, so open source.

Reactor Database Rebuilder

Destroy your server on a project that uses Reactor? You can reverse-engineer your tables with this method. Free code.

Router Restart

A simple app written in c#.NET 2.0 that resets my Netgear router when it loses its internet connection. No license, free.

Projects History

A look into the past with every web site I've created.

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