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Coming tonight? Important downloads...

posted under category: CFEclipse on February 22, 2006 at 1:00 am by MrNate

I put this up on the CFUG list, but not everybody reads that...

John (our CFUG manager) had a good thought this morning. If you're planning on coming to my CFUG presentation tonight and you plan on setting up CFEclipse along with me, you'll want to download Eclipse before we get there. The UAT's bandwidth is notoriously flaky, usually slow, so do yourself and all of us a favor by downloading the Eclipse SDK to your notebooks early.

It's incredibly simple to do. Just click the large text in the middle of the page, "Download now: Eclipse SDK 3.1.2". It's about 103 MB.
The fastest way is actually to hit the torrents, right next to that link, there's really good ratios there.

Also, make sure you have Java. I recommend installing the latest JDK (, but it will work if you already have a 1.4 version (*cough* but 1.5 is faster *cough*).

One last thing, to really tax your bandwidth, download the WTP all-in-one package. This one is not required, but I recommend it. Here's how you get it, go to, click the 1.0 link, and find the all-in-one SDK. The all-in-one is a huge time saver, but it's 183 MB. If you already have Eclipse running, you can add the update address to your install manager, instructions here:
If you can't, for any reason, download all of these, don't sweat it, we're planning on burning it all to a CD that we'll share with anyone who needs it.

If you're not installing along with us, again, don't sweat it, I promise it will still be educational and entertaining (edutational?), and won't be all about downloading and installing the entire internet.

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On Feb 24, 2006 at 1:00 AM Dan Wilson (sipacate has underestimated the power of said:

Forgive me for asking this question but should I download the java 1.5 JRE, or the JDK?

I noted you specified the JDK which Sun claims is for developing java applications. It seems to me like I would need the JRE as it provides a runtime. Since you are the expert I defer to you before I download a (potentially useless) 200MB file.
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