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Model-Glue: Worst Breezo Ever

posted under category: ColdFusion on June 30, 2005 at 1:00 am by MrNate

As a remote viewer from the AZCFUG meeting of the BOF Model-Glue framework meeting, I've got to say, that was an unimpressive breeze presentation. Sorry Joe and Steven.

The first 15 minutes were intermittant and choppy bits of audio while we waited for Joe to download and install the breeze powerpoint plugin. Can yo. ...r me n.w? The next 15 minutes had pretty good audio and was a nice introduction to the M-G framework, skipping by things we already know (like what's a view), and starting to get into the gritty fun stuff.

Then the plug gets pulled. I guess they only booked the room until 10:00pm because the hotel manager kicked them out in a hurry. Sure they weren't so disappointed, they ran (didn't walk) to the bar, leaving us sitting in coldfusion confusion.

Not to say they didn't try. They did a great job organizing the event, you know, 'A' for effort. Maybe you can make up for it next month, because we're all still interested. Seriously, maybe this wasn't the worst Breeze presentation ever, but I've seen better :p.

So, what did I learn about Model-Glue? It looks like Mach-II, it's more implicit, less explicit, to get started you should edit the modelglueapplicationtemplate's config file and follow the examples in the documentation folder. Sadly, that doesn't really tell me why M-G is better than the rest, or what development advantages it has over Mach-II or even Fusebox.

Thanks to John Blayter and the rest of the AZCFUG, the evening wasn't a total loss, and I think everyone got a free book, a Macromedia pen (I will never run out of reading material and writing utensels as log as I attend), and some pizza.

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On Jun 30, 2005 at 1:00 AM Joe Rinehart ( said:
Sorry you didn't get everything out of it that you wanted - I'm a little disappointed myself at how much I was able to present. My post on the preso at my site mentions that I'd like to do another, more in-depth presentation sometime.

Please bear in mind this was the first time anyone tried something like this from CFUnited - just the fact that we managed to get things working at all impresses me.

There are some comments in here that disturb me, though. I was disappointed that I had to stop, despite what you've said - I would've enjoyed a multi-location QA session, esp. if it led to more "let's see the code." Also, we didn't run to the bar - some of those in the audience left, and it was a fun joke to make. My apologies if it came across in a bad way, but a number of stayed in the hallway and room (while the cleaning crew came in, and the "technology concierge" personally began disassembling my laptop!).

Thanks for the feedback, and I'll be sure to roll it in to my next presentation.

On Jun 30, 2005 at 1:00 AM Steve Ray (delraysteve via said:
Also, I'll say that the hotel staff was kicking us out. That was the last session of the night, and I think they wanted to close up.

From here, it was a good presentation. There were problems positioning the mic, and of course downloading the plugin ate up most of the bandwidth for a while.

If you don't have it already, Sean Corfield has a zipfile containing seven different versions of the same app. One done in MG, one in FB4.1, one in Mach-II... you get the picture. A good comparison of how to structure things using various frameworks. That might help, plus reading the model-glue discussion group on, and Joe's Quickstart guide at the model-glue website.

On Jun 30, 2005 at 1:00 AM Nathan Strutz ( said:
I was making a joke that you all ran to the bar, sort of carrying on the joke from last night. It really didn't come across in a bad way.

I'm just expressing my frustration with the event, meanwhile poking fun at the whole fiasco. It was cool and I'd do it again.

On Jun 30, 2005 at 1:00 AM Sean Tierney ( said:
I agree it did not present anything you couldn't have read on your own from the site but I look at these intro breezos as being more of a commercial to explain the basics, convince people of how it will simplify life and therefore compel them to expend the effort to actually download it and tinker. It's too bad the quality of the preso didn't reflect the quality of the framework.

I was in the back of the room. It sucks the audio was bad and that there was a delay because he didn't have the plugin ahead of time but in Joe's defense, he's probably been slammed w/ all kinds of questions to answer and prep for his class. Also, it's awkward juggling a live audience as well as a remote one and i think the faces in the crowd tend to trump the audience online. he gave an all-day class on tuesday (which was awesome by the way).

I will try and condense what I have learned from Model-Glue and convey this to the group at an upcoming meeting.

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