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posted under category: CFEclipse on February 16, 2006 by Nathan

Surfing around this morning reminds me of the CFEclipse User Docs page, which is supposed to be full of how-to's written by you, the CFEclipse user. I'll lay the blame directly at myself for not getting you guys involved earlier.

So, now, I'd like to open up the CFEclipse How-To's section to the community. If you can think of an article to write, please write one! There's only 1 sample up there now, and there's no real format. You can include screenshots and pictures, and talk about any Eclipse or CFEclipse related tips or topics you can think of.

Here's the rundown:

  • Has to be Eclipse or CFEclipse related
  • Has to be helpful (aka, how to open a file from a project = not useful, how to open a file from windows explorer = useful)
  • Has to be more than a sentence or two. If it's less, I may put it on a small collected tips page
  • Will include your name and a link to your web site or another site you want linked
  • Send your documents to me, using my contact form, directly to one of my many email addresses (with _nospam_'s removed), or send it to one of the CFEclipse mailing lists, (users list, contributors list)
  • Submit early, submit often, we need your help!

Ok, honestly, there's not a big gain for you, I was thinking of giving away free copies of CFEclipse, but come on, it's open source.

This is a standing offer, and you can keep submitting articles until you're old and gray.

PS, by submitting, you are allowing the CFEclipse crew to fix spelling, grammar and inaccuracies if functionality changes.

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