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Pagination.cfc - a glowing review

posted under category: Browsers on April 11, 2008 by Nathan

Rick Faircloth, a long time CF-Talk member was introduced to my project, Pagination.cfc earlier today. He was looking for an easy way to upgrade his own pagination, more than just previous/next links.

The HouseOfFusion's CF-Talk list is great. Any answer you need, 15 minutes or less.

Rick got 2 links to my project, thanked the referrers, and three hours later had this to say:

Just wanted to let you know that I implemented your component and it went perfectly...and that was the first cfc I've ever used!

I haven't gone beyond the default settings, except for number of records per page, but I'm sure customizing will go well, too.

Nice clear instructions for the use of the component.

Much appreciated!

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