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CFQuery bug found

posted under category: ColdFusion on August 23, 2004 by Nathan

My co-worker Raff just discovered a bug with the CFQuery tag. When you set the variable for a query, and then run the cfquery tag, if the query doesn't return a recordset, your previously set variable will be undefined. Example:

<cfset qry = "">
<cfquery name="qry" datasource="dsn">
UPDATE table
SET field = 0
WHERE id = 1
<cfdump var="#qry#">

The cfdump will throw an error, stating that "qry" doesn't exist.

Workarounds are fairly simple. Either check to see if your query is defined, or if you must have a query, even with a recordcount of zero, do <cfparam name="qry" default="#queryNew('')#"> after your cfquery call.

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