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The disappearing text bug in IE6

posted under category: Browsers on November 3, 2005 by Nathan

I know this is out there, but, at least for my own reference, I'm blogging it.

In a heavily CSS-driven layout, once in a while a block of text will disappear in IE, and come back partially when you highlight it. It has something do do with certain combinations of floats and positioning. The fix for it is to put everything that's not nailed down as position:relative;.

This one gets me from time to time. Worse yet, because I so heavily rely on Firefox, I can be almost done with building a site before I realize half of my text isn't showing up in IE!

On a side note, i'm whimsically thinking of starting a prayer group for web standards. Help me out and pray:

Dear God, please bring us CSS3 support to all major browsers and desktops. Amen
I really doubt there has been any previous movement in this direction. I can see my future bumper sticker now:
Pray for web standards!

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